Latest Update 10/17/19

We wanted to provide an update to the changes in urgency of Davids need of a liver transplant and his health. We would first like to take a moment and thank everyone for the continued  love and support that you have all shown, it means so much to us . He is still on the UNOS list but has been made inactive (decreases testing mostly) as the surgery risks outweigh his condition for the time being. After speaking to the team at Yale this is what we know.

There are no evaluations being done at this point in time but they will gladly take your information and will call you when they re-begin testing candidates. For those that may have called and gotten this response it could have been interpreted as that they are no longer accepting candidates for him. This is not the case , despite the recent improvements in his health there is a very high probability that he will need a liver transplant in the future. However we do not know when this could be. We ask that if you are interested in donating please call and give your information to Yale.  Please continue to support our gofundme page so that we can reach our goal in hopes that we may be financially prepared for the process of the transplant when the time comes.  Thank you so much

Liver Life Walk CT on 10/20/19

David is the event champion

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Bristol Press - Update Story

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Last Update 11/10/18

I posted this on 11/10/18 (Day of our dinner) on my personal page but forgot to post it on this page. Sorry! My need to find a living donor has been an immediate (life threatening) need because of my blood clot and other factors. I talked to Yale yesterday because I was waiting on test results back which came in. I found out my MELD (model end stage liver disease) score has been maintaining and improving over the past 6 months. My end stage liver disease is not gone and I will still need a transplant but because how risky surgery can be and the way my life will change after the surgery (anti-rejection med’s etc...) they want to see if I can sustain the way I am as they remove me off some meds. They are holding of testing people for a living donor for now unless a very close match comes along. The blood clot which elevated me up the list is gone, the varices in my throat are gone and the ulcers I had are also gone. Removing me from the blood thinner and such could put me right back where I was but we will see. I’m still on the UNOS list. We might be in the same immediate need situation three months from now but we don’t know. I will continue to keep myself heathy and continue to ask for God’s help through all of this. We are still going to be looking for a donor but it won’t fully consume me as it has over the past few months. I’m off the immediate need list now so I’m happy yet still concerned all at the same time. I wanted to share all of this before our dinner today because people have received phone calls from Yale but because of privacy laws couldn’t explain this in detail and may of mislead some people to think that I was healed but that unfortunately is not the case. Please continue to help support our cause and find the matching donor #SaveDavesLife

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