Welcome To David's Search for Hope

Hi my name is David Ray and I was diagnosed with end stage liver disease (ESLD) in 2016. I'm looking for a living liver donor so that I can be the father and husband I need to be to my kids and wife. Please take a look around to learn more about liver disease, myself, what a living donor is and how you can help. I appreciate any help you can give in my endeavor. 


 Doctors have  placed me on the United Network for Organ Sharing list (UNOS) but currently there are nearly 900 people awaiting a liver transplant in our region. My overall health is expected to worsen while waiting because there is a organ shortage.  

 Doctors say the best chance for a healthy future is a liver transplant from a living donor, and our family is searching for a donor who can give that gift 


Yale living donor hotline. Phone# 1-866-925-3897